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With the legalization of recreational marijuana effective January 1, 2014, Colorado residents and visitors are now free to enjoy marijuana–but the related laws are complex and difficult to understand. (Be wary of Internet websites and non-legal blogs pretending to know and understand marijuana laws.)

It is crucial to know that, regardless of where you are, marijuana remains illegal under federal law. And the state laws around marijuana use, cultivation, and sale are still being tested.

Because of this, marijuana law is a complicated topic for business owners, doctors, patients, and the general public throughout the state. For residents who want to grow marijuana or operate a retail store, the road from proper licensing to opening their doors is long and confusing. Marijuana businesses must meet strict state requirements: failing to abide by these requirements can mean harsh penalties. For other business owners, marijuana laws can complicate existing business practices, such as drug testing of employees and use of marijuana during employment.

As a Colorado business owner, you need to know how the recreational marijuana law will impact your business. This is where consulting with an attorney experienced in Colorado marijuana business law can greatly help.

At Hunsaker | Emmi, we have experience advising business owners both inside and outside the marijuana industry about the implications of state and federal marijuana laws. We can help you ensure that your business is meeting legal guidelines, while encouraging its success.

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