Estate Planning

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When you pass away, what will happen to your family? Who do you want to receive your possessions? Who should be the guardian of any minor children?

Having an estate plan allows you to answer these important questions. With a last will and testament (also known simply as a will), trust, and other estate planning documents, you can outline your last wishes and make sure that your loved ones are protected.

Without an estate plan, there is no guarantee that your wishes will be followed. Colorado state law goes into effect, which could leave beloved family members, friends, or charities out in the cold. In addition, lack of guidance from you allows for the possibility that your family will fight over your estate. Instead of peacefully following your wishes, your family could end up fighting over a number of things–from where you will be buried to who gets the treasured family heirloom–in court.

With help from an estate planning attorney, you can make sure your last wishes are followed and minimize the chances for court battles. You can give to the people and causes you care about. And you can protect any children who may not be legal adults when you pass.

It can be difficult to plan for the future, especially when considering your own death.

But it’s necessary, and it’s never too early to start.

At Hunsaker | Emmi, we have over 60 years of experience helping families of all kinds prepare estate plans in Colorado. Whatever your family size or income level, we can help you. We’ll work with you throughout the process to make sure that we create an estate plan that fits your life. And we are always here to answer your questions: we return calls quickly, and we are available by email 24/7.