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It is your job to build people’s homes and make their dreams come alive, and that isn’t something you take lightly. As a contractor (or builder, developer, or architect), you take pride in every step of your work. We understand this pride and this integrity because we used to be in your place. Having worked in the construction business, we too have felt the pride and gratification of turning a mere sketch on a paper into a building; it’s someone’s home or business.

Because we’ve worked in the construction business, we also understand how shocking and how devastating it is to be accused of poor construction, design, or developing. Your livelihood is being attacked; your reputation is at stake, and your business at risk. Perhaps you or your colleague made a mistake or missed something. Or, maybe this was a surprise even you, an expert, couldn’t predict. When you’re working with the environment, the elements can surprise even the most dependable construction company. When you’re laying the foundation and solidifying the roof of someone’s home or business, you are constantly putting yourself at legal risk. The possibility of complication is ever present. Acknowledging these risks is one thing; being prepared for them is another.

As construction defect defense attorneys, we help contractors, companies, and builders like you defend themselves when they’re accused of defective work. We also work with contractors and construction professionals to review and advise on insurance policies to ensure and explain coverage pitfalls. We combine our experience in Colorado construction and prolific litigation history to defend people’s livelihoods. Whether you’ve been accused of poor construction or are preparing in case of a legal emergency, it is important to have a Colorado construction attorney on your side.

Your business is on the line. If there was ever a time to have a formidable construction defect defense attorney on your side, it is now. After calling our office, we will sit down and examine the situation. You surely have questions that need answers and qualms about the whole process. The sooner you ask them, the sooner we’ll be ready to fight these claims and reclaim your reputation and livelihood.

If you are a contractor, construction company owner, builder, architect, developer, or are involved in the construction business in any other way, and you are being accused of not doing your job correctly, contact our office so we can start the construction defect litigation process. At Hunsaker | Emmi,, our goal is to provide cost-effective, creative construction defect solutions.

We want your business to stay strong and your success not falter. If you’ve been accused of poor construction or of causing a defect to a home or business, call our office today. We are located in Golden, Colorado, and help people throughout the greater Denver area by providing construction defect defense.