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When you buy a new home or design and build your house, you envision all of the possibilities it holds. You see your family grow up in the house, holiday-by-holiday, graduation-by-graduation. You can’t wait to put photos on the walls and truly making it your own.

What you don’t envision is discovering that something about your home is defective.

As a homeowner it can catch you off guard. You aren’t an expert so you trusted the advice and expertise of others. You trusted realtors, contractors, builders, and inspectors to make sure that your home was safe. The last thing you’d expect is that something like this would go wrong.

A defect can occur anywhere from the foundation to the floors. And it isn’t something you may immediately recognize. Your perfect house can seem perfect until the first rainfall, when you realize your roof leaks. Ventilation problems, wood floor or window issues, shoddy foundation; the list goes on.

Below are some common places where defects are found in homes:

  • Windows
  • Floors
  • Air ducts
  • Exterior
  • Ventilation
  • Molding
  • Foundation

It isn’t the end of the world because you can have the problem repaired. But it is a hassle and it is time consuming for you and your family, not to mention expensive. Home repairs aren’t cheap, but if the developer, builder, or contractor’s neglect causes them, it isn’t something you should have to pay for out of pocket.

If this has happened to you and your home, you probably have many questions. Who is responsible for the damages? Did the architect, builder, or someone else cause this? Will this affect my property’s value? How much will the repairs cost?

At Hunsaker | Emmi,we know how confusing construction defects can be, especially for homeowners. Like we mentioned earlier, you aren’t an expert in construction or home building and inspection, and you shouldn’t have to be in order to have a defect-free home. As a Colorado homeowner, though, you have the right to hold whomever is responsible accountable for what happened.

As construction defect attorneys, we help homeowners throughout the greater Denver area repair their homes and recover what they’ve lost. Construction litigation is a confusing process, so we make sure to be with you every step of the way. Because we have experience in both the construction and legal field, we are able to help you creatively and come up with solutions for your unique defect situation.

Our background in the construction business and experience in Colorado construction litigation enables us to help you through this trying time.


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