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It is an entrepreneur’s job to constantly keep his or her eyes and ears open for the next big business opportunity, especially in Denver, Colorado. A new venture can come about from an innovative idea or even a recent shift or change in culture.

It doesn’t take much to inspire a budding entrepreneur to try to turn an idea into reality. When in the winter of 2014 recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado, the city was a buzz with innovation and schemes to market and sell this newly legalized product. Everyone wanted to hop on the bandwagon of the next big business venture: selling marijuana. Denver, Colorado was the hub of many of these businesses.

When you are in the business of buying and selling marijuana, you know there are more complications beyond the concept of supply and demand. While the product was legalized, it was certainly legalized with numerous hoops to jump through from the start of the business, through the daily operations.

Just how it is an entrepreneur’s job to take an idea or a new product and turn it into a successful business venture, it is a business lawyer’s job to make sure your new business doesn’t run into any legal snags.

Marijuana law is complicated to say the least.  There are different regulations for the selling of the medical and recreational product. Restrictions surround every aspect of operation, from hiring to production. This is why especially when going into the marijuana business, it is important to have a savvy business lawyer on your side, and from day one.

You are probably sitting there thinking, “Why do I need a Denver marijuana business lawyer if I’m not in trouble?”  The truth is, you aren’t in legal trouble yet. By having a Denver marijuana business lawyer with you from the very start, you can make sure you avoid having trouble in your future.

At Hunsaker | Emmi, P.C., we make it our mission to keep you and your business out of legal distress, but also find creative solutions to your case if you do.  We are focused on giving business advice, especially when you are confronted with the complications of Colorado marijuana law.  When you work with us, you will be making the first step toward finding the answer to the questions you may have about these laws.